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Winter Dog Beds


Embrace Winter Warmth with Our Innovative Pet Beds

Winter is here, and so is the need for warmth and comfort for your furry companions. Introducing our Crazy Warm Pet Bed, featuring the revolutionary Stay Calm Technology. This cutting-edge heating technology ensures that your pet experiences immediate warmth, leaving them content and snug.

Winter Essentials for Your Furry Friend

Optimal Comfort in Chilly Weather

Explore our perfect winter collection designed for those cold days. Whether your pet enjoys braving the freeze or prefers staying indoors, our winter dog and cat beds offer the ideal solution. For the blanket enthusiasts, we've curated the finest selection of dog and cat blankets from FurHaven to keep your pets warm. Consider our Solid Orthopedic Foam or Memory Foam for the coziest sleep surface.

Heated Dog Beds: A Winter Necessity

Stay Warm in Any Condition

Living in a drafty home or seeking an outdoor solution for the winter months? Heated dog beds are your go-to option to ensure your best friend stays warm and comfortable. Explore various heating methods, including electrically powered beds and those designed to harness your pet's body heat.

Electric Heated Beds for Ultimate Comfort

Opt for the K&H Pet Products Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper Pet Bed, featuring a dual-thermostat, low-wattage heating unit for constant warmth. The removable cover adds convenience to the cleaning process. For outdoor use, consider the K&H Pet Products Deluxe Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Pet Bed, suitable for dog houses, garages, porches, barns, and more.

Self-Warming Beds for Efficiency

Discover beds like the K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Pet Crate Pad and Paws & Pals Self-Warming Pet Crate Mat, utilizing materials that absorb and radiate your pet's body heat. These efficient options keep your pet warm even on the coldest nights.

Microwaveable Bed Warmers for Convenience

Explore the K&H Pet Products Microwavable Bed Warmer, a simple-to-use, non-toxic warmer that stays warm for up to 12 hours. No external power required – just a few minutes in the microwave provides hours of warmth.

Choosing the Best Heated Dog Bed

Explore a Variety of Options on Chewy

Visit Chewy's online pet store to explore a range of heated dog beds, ensuring your best friend stays cozy, comfy, and warm on cold, drafty days and nights. Find the perfect fit among categories such as Dog Crate Mats & Pads, Dog Pillow Beds, Elevated & Cooling Dog Beds, Orthopedic Dog Beds, Dog Cave Beds, and Dog Blankets & Couch Covers for Dogs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Heated Dog Beds

What Defines the Best Heated Dog Bed?

The best heated dog bed is one that safely keeps your pet warm without overheating. Consider factors like portability, therapeutic warmth, and your pet's habits when choosing between self-heating and plug-in options.

Safety of Leaving Heated Dog Beds Plugged In

Heated dog beds are designed to be safe when left plugged in. They feature low wattage, internal thermostats, and safety testing to ensure they maintain the correct temperature without posing risks.

How Do Heated Dog Beds Work?

Heated dog beds work by either generating heat or trapping body heat for added warmth. Self-heating beds use heat-reflective and insulating materials, while plug-in beds have a low wattage and an internal thermostat.

Ensuring Safety with Heated Dog Beds

Heated dog beds are safe for senior dogs, puppies, and adults. Plug-in beds have safety features, and self-heating beds work without electricity, reflecting and trapping heat to keep your pet warm.

Heated Dog Beds: Essential for Your Pup's Well-Being

Shop Petco’s Range for Deep and Restorative Sleep

Explore Petco’s full range of heated dog beds and dog heating pads to ensure your furry friend enjoys a deep and restorative sleep during cold nights. Heated beds are particularly beneficial for elderly pets with arthritis, providing warmth for muscles and joints.

Enhance Comfort with Heated Dog Beds

If your small dog shivers from the cold, a heated dog bed can reduce discomfort by safely warming them up. Discover styles with lowered fronts for easy access and removable cushions for hassle-free cleaning. Self-heated dog beds, insulated for warmth from your pet's body, are ideal if an outlet is not nearby.

Versatile Options for Picky Canines

If your dog already has a favorite bed, make it more comfortable with a dog bed warmer or heating pad. Many come with thermostats for temperature control. For outdoor use, choose dog heating pads designed to withstand the elements while keeping your pup warm.

Indoor Heated Dog Beds: A Cozy Haven

Ensure Your Dog's Comfort

Provide your dog with a warm and comfortable space with our heated bed, orthopedic heated bed, or pet bed warmer accessory. These energy-efficient, safe, and high-quality options cater to every dog lover's needs.

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